Atlantis Blue Polybutylene Pipe Repair and Replacement
Blue Polybutylene Pipe Repair and Replacement By Atlantis Plumbing Services

Blue Polybutylene Pipe, frequently called “blue poly”, “blue polly” or “blue PB” was very commonly installed on cold water service lines from the early 1980’s up until the mid 1990’s. Grey Polybutylene pipe was commonly installed on the interior pipes of the home due to the rating for hot and cold applications. Polybutylene is easily identifiable by its blue or grey color and the imprint of PB2110 marked along the length of the pipe. Polybutylene pipe was very easy to install, fairly reliable in the short term and the material was nearly half the price of similar copper pipe system. Building contractors and plumbers praised the pipe as revolutionary, healthy, safe, less labor intensive and highly profitable. Subdivisions popping up throughout the southern states were loaded with polybutylene plumbing…service lines, interior piping, and fixture supply lines. Polybutylene was installed below slabs, under driveways, through chases and ceilings. Problems slowly started with the failure of polybutylene systems and fittings. Homeowners were having repeated leaks and floods. Polybutylene pipe lawsuits started at the state and local courts. Judgements were being handed out as specialist testified against the polybutylene piping. Builders and local inspectors did not take much or any of the financial burden, the pipe was approved by plumbing code and passed all federal testing requirments. With the frequency of polybutylene pipe lawsuits occurring, a class action settlement was filed for comprehensive coverage of all claimants and future claimants with polybutylene plumbing. A polybutylene plumbing class action settlement was reached and the fund provided for free pipe replacements if certain criteria were met. Visit our web site below to see the details or click here.

Blue Polybutylene Pipe with polybutylene adapter Blue Polybutylene City repairing polybutylene leak
Blue Polybutylene Pipe with polybutylene adapter at a water meter coupling
A Bruised Piece of Blue Polybutylene with the pipe identification PB2110
The Water Department trying to fix a polybutylene pipe break on the county side of the water meter
Black Polyethylene
Copper Tubing
Home after blue polybutylene pipe replacement
Black Polyethylene (Black Poly) a common replacement pipe for blue polybutylene Copper tubing a common replacement pipe for blue or grey polybutylene pipe An after replacement of blue polybutylene pipe line, the pipe was replaced without destroying the sod.

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